Could a Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves Trade Happen This Season?

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So Could Such a Deal Actually Happen?

I think it’s very possible a deal structured like this could happen. It’s obviously a lot easier for me to sit here and say that when I’m not in on trade talks and don’t know a fraction of what the front offices know. But looking at the pros and cons for both sides it seems like a trade that helps out both clubs enough that it’s at least in the realm of possibilities.  Perez very well may not be a target either and any number of non-top prospects could be included by the Indians.  Perhaps too a guy like T.J. House or Lonnie Chisenhall gets in on the deal.  Two guys that will be out of options for Cleveland but could potentially help a rebuilding Braves club in 2016 and beyond.

At the end of the day deals are hard to do, and only a fraction of the ones team discuss actually happen.  If a deal like this one were to happen though it’d give the Indians a younger/better starting centerfielder without adding any real money the next two seasons, which is something they’d love to do.  It’d also give the Braves a young catcher with the potential to be a starter or a prospect (or two) to help with the rebuild, while shedding some payroll in 2017 and 2018 when the team could look to spend and compete.  Is this a win-win for everyone trade?  Not completely but it does help both clubs get something that they want without giving up too a centerpiece of their team in return.

Regardless, I’d keep an eye on the Braves and Indians. There are a few others players that make sense for each club (Jonny Gomes for example).  Also wouldn’t completely right off the fact that John Hart is the new Braves President of Baseball Operations is none other than former Tribe General Manager John Hart.  Current Tribe Team President Mark Shapiro worked with Hart for over a decade, and Tribe General Manager Chris Antonetti worked with Hart for a couple of years as well.  It’s obviously been over a decade since Hart was part of the organization but something to throw out there when thinking about potential Braves-Indians trade talks…

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