Cleveland Indians All-Star Jason Kipnis Thinks Fans Shouldn’t Vote, Is He Right?

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Managerial Choices May Be the Worst Yet

After the fans and players get their votes/choices, the manager of each squad gets to fill out the rest of the roster (minus the Final Fan Vote pick).  Some picks can’t be blamed too much on managers though as they have to ensure that each team is represented. They may have to leave off a deserving player at one position to a team’s lone representative on the roster.  However, there are many times when the choices by the manager will leave everyone stunned.

Ned Yost is this year’s American League manager, “thanks” to the Kansas City Royals winning the American League pennant last year.  Of the 33 roster spots already filled, he got to pick the last eight.  While it was bad that Kluber didn’t get in via the player vote, the fact that Yost passed on him as well is even more mindboggling. Instead of picking one of the best pitchers in the game, he chose to load up on relievers.  In fact, thanks to Yost’s picks the American League will actually have more relief pitchers on the roster than starting pitchers (7 RP, 6 SP).

Many have pointed out that with the game counting for something that loading up on relievers, who are used to pitching out of the pen, is the smart move. However, I’m not sure you can convince many people that a guy like Darren O’Day is a better pitcher than Corey Kluber.  

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