Cleveland Indians All-Star Jason Kipnis Thinks Fans Shouldn’t Vote, Is He Right?

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It’s the All-“Star” Game and It’s For the Fans

The game is called the All-Star game.  It’s not called the All “Players Having the Best 1st Three Months” Game.  Like it or not, players like Derek Jeter and Cal Ripken should be in All-Star games, even when they are past their prime and probably not the best players at their position.  In 2001, Cal Ripken made the All-Star squad despite hitting just .240/.270/.594 in the game.  Fans wanted to see him.  Cal Ripken may not have been the best third baseman in the American League that year (or even close), but he was still a star player. That’s what the All-Star game is all about. Bringing together the best “stars” in the game.

Most fans don’t want to see guys like Brock Holt or Darren O’Day in the All-Star game. They want stars that they recognize.  Players can complain about this but at the end of the day the game just isn’t about them. It’s about the fans and putting the best “stars” out there for them to watch and enjoy.

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