Cleveland Indians’ Carrasco’s Near No-No; Offensive Resurgence Down South


Carrasco just one strike away; Offense finally sharing the load

The last two days, I didn’t think the Cleveland Indians starters could outdo each other like they have. I’d say it again, but I really don’t want to question Corey Kluber though. But after three high-scoring games from the Indians, if they don’t score tonight he just may be cursed.

Carlos Carrasco was magnificent,  as he crept to within a strike of history. The Rays’ Joey Butler lined a single just over the head of Jason Kipnis who gave it every bit he had to try and save the no-hitter. You would have thought Kipnis lost it by his reaction compared to Carrasco, who did what all pitchers do when the lose a no-hit bid when they’re one out away.


The excitement to even be in the position for one was good enough for Carrasco, who joined Dallas Keuchel and Felix Hernandez in the AL’s 10-win club. That’s not bad company to be in. Three straight games they’ve taken a no-hitter into at least the fifth. Can Kluber do it again today? We shall see.

Maybe it’s the dome. Maybe they’ve just got the Rays at a bad time. Or maybe Terry Francona‘s team meeting got the message through to his team and things are actually turning around for this season. After being shut out in both ends of a doubleheader by the Orioles on Sunday, the Tribe have scored 21 runs in the last three games. When this offense reaches up to a level at least near the pitching, this is what they’re capable of doing day in, day out.

And if you haven’t logged in and voted for your Indians All-Stars, shame on you. You can still vote through tonight, and can vote up to 35 times. Kipnis thinks he has ‘zero’ chance of being the starter at second base, so let’s prove hi wrong.

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