Cleveland Indians radio duo has hilarious exchange during Wednesday’s broadcast


Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus provide further proof the Cleveland Indians have the best broadcast team in all of baseball

Anyone listening to the Cleveland Indians’ WTAM 1100 radio broadcast on Wednesday evening got a small glimpse into the personalities that make Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus the best radio duo in all of baseball.

A foul ball off the bat of Seattle’s Mike Zunino shot straight toward Rosenhaus and his in-booth television. Not only did Rosey not catch the foul ball, he apparently ducked underneath the counter in what Hamilton playfully called a “cowardly act.”

Hamilton and Rosenhaus continued the conversation throughout the at-bat:

"Hammy: You had a chance to bring the boys home a major league baseball, but you’re not catching it underneath the counter.Rosey: That’s the first time in nine years we’ve had one come up here.Hammy: Then you had plenty of time to get ready!"

To his credit, Rosenhaus took it in stride saying, “I have no explanation. It’s a sad state of affairs.”

Take a listen to the two-minute exchange here.

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