Cleveland Indians Draft Arms on Day One; Apple to the Rescue for Moss


Indians using their right to “bare arms” in Draft

The MLB Draft is essentially a game of chance. You’re dealing with 17 to 21-year-old kids. There are very few “can’t miss” players. So the

Cleveland Indians

taking Brady Aiken, the former No. 1 pick that went unsigned, then had

Tommy John

surgery? Not really much more of a risk than they would have taken with any other pick.

The Indians finished off the night by taking a pair of arms out of high school with RHP Triston McKenzie and LHP Juan Hillman, the 42nd and 59th picks, respectively. Both are raw but have high upside. Added in with Aiken, who is just 18 as well, the Indians stocked their cupboard with arms for the future.

Most fans know that Brandon Moss hit his 100th home run of his career recently, only to have it land in the Indians bullpen–which lead to an extensive ransom list populated by mostly Apple products…and a drum of lube. Apple CEO Tim Cook stepped in and has provided all of the products on the list, so Moss will get his ball. No word on the lube though.

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