Indians News: Nick Swisher represents Cleveland in new series of Samsung commercials


".@VernonDavis85 & @NickSwisher are celebrating with a #HometownThrowdown for the #NBAFinals. Next on ABC!— NBA (@NBA) June 5, 2015"

For all the things Nick Swisher may or may not be for the Cleveland Indians, there is no denying his genuine love for northeast Ohio is refreshing.

In the first commercial in what appears to be an ongoing series of shots pitting the Bay Area against Cleveland, the Tribe’s veteran designated hitter goes head-to-head with San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis in a #HometownThrowdown. Swisher is not yet pictured in the commercials, as the first number shows Davis proclaiming San Francisco as his home (which is odd, considering the Warriors play in Oakland) before he answers his phone and says, “You ready for this, Mr. Cleveland Ohio? Because I don’t think you are.” 

The Cavaliers, who dropped game one in overtime, will return to Cleveland for Game 3 on Tuesday. At that point, it’s likely we’ll catch a glimpse of Swisher in front of some of Cleveland’s iconic locations, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Given the lack of true icons in the city, perhaps Progressive Field will make the cut.

This isn’t the first time Swisher has been closely associated with the Cavs, as he was on hand during Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals to get the crowd pumped up. Swisher, who played ball at The Ohio State University, customarily ignites the home crowd with an O-H rallying cry after he goes deep — although those opportunities are becoming fewer and further between.

At any rate, Swisher’s love for northeast Ohio is unrivaled by most. He seems like the perfect candidate to represent the city as the Cavaliers look to end the city’s long history of losing.

Now cue all the comments about how Swisher should be in the batting cages instead of filming Samsung commercials. I know it’s coming.

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