Moss’ 100th Home Run Ball Held for Ransom


Indians’ Bullpen Having Fun at Brandon Moss’ Expense… Literally

On Tuesday night, Brandon Moss hit a home run. It wasn’t just any home run. The solo shot was the 100th home run of Moss’ career, a milestone that would be worthy of a display case on a shelf with a story retold for years to come.

Under normal circumstances when a player hits a milestone home run, a fan catches the ball and an exchange mediated by a team representative usually takes place. This exchange often involves team and.or player swag such as jerseys, bats, batting gloves, autographs, and pretty much anything else that can be easily exchanged at minimal cost. With the exception of the home run chases from the late 90’s and early 2000’s, this has been the norm.

Brandon Moss wasn’t as lucky. Look where his home run landed.

For those not aware, that is the Indians’ bullpen. And, being the nice guys that they are, they have every intent of giving Moss his milestone home run ball. But for a price.

Yes, the bullpen is holding Moss’ home run ball hostage and the ransom isn’t cheap. The Indians’ bullpen is demanding an assortment of Apple products ranging from I-Pads and Mac Books to the Apple Watch and I-Phones. Perhaps the most intriguing item on the list comes courtesy of Marc Rzepczynski. Scrabble is demanding the Apple Watch and… a 50 gallon drum of lube.

Clearly, the Indians’ bullpen has every intention or recreating the KY Jelly wrestling scene from Old School. YOU’RE MY BOY, BLUE!

So what’s a guy to do. Well, Moss clearly has one of two options available to him. He can either max out his credit card and pay the ransom, or he can take a second and much more practical approach. There is a blue print on how to handle situations like this and it was put together by none other than Liam Neeson. Be afraid bullpen… be very afraid.