Clevelinks: Ryan Raburn, Jason Kipnis Leading the Cleveland Indians Offense


Kipnis, Raburn lead the way for Tribe offense

Cleveland Indians’ second baseman

Jason Kipnis

has admitted the oblique injury held him back, but never mad excuses about it. He simply said he couldn’t be the player he wanted to be. Well, if the month of May is any indication? You be you, Jason. Just keep on being you. Only three players have had a month of May like his in the history of baseball. 50 or more hits, 30 or more runs.

The 50-hit club for a month is pretty impressive on its own. It used to be a bit more common when doubleheaders were prevalent as players might see more than 30 games in a month. In recent history, the 50-hit club has several entries from Ichiro Suzuki and that’s about it. But Kipnis accomplished it in 29 games and places himself with the likes of Ty Cobb. Not bad company to be in with when talking baseball.

After signing a two-year extension coming off of a solid 2013 campaign, Ryan Raburn hoped to be a focal point of the Tribe’s offense last year. He was, for all the wrong reasons. Raburn had an atrocious year that saw him hit .200 with just four home runs. Fans wanted him cut in the offseason. But with a left-handed heavy lineup and no apparent replacement the Indians continued on with him. So far, it looks like a good move as Raburn has been a key cog, slashing .312/.368/.584 with three home runs in just 77 at-bats.

Our Andrew Schmid put together a Top five list of the Indians best relievers, and it could surprise you who’s there and who isn’t. The formula is there, the results are in and the debate begins. Think you have a better idea who should be on the list? Let us know your thoughts!

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