Weekly Wroundtable: Debating Shaun Marcum’s Future As the Cleveland Indians’ Fifth Starter

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June 19, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Shaun Marcum (38) pitches in the first inning against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Marcum Needs Time, Because There’s No One Else

Cody NormanTwo starts is really such a small sample size to determine whether or not Marcum will be successful as the Tribe’s fifth starter. Remember, he now has three appearances on the season — two of which were absolutely lights out — as he also threw five strong innings out of the bullpen against the Tigers back in mid-April. Marcum certainly deserves a few more starts before we jump to any conclusions and, if he makes his pitches, the veteran right-hander is obviously capable of getting outs and putting the Indians in position to win. Ultimately, this spot in the rotation belongs to T.J. House, but it will be up to House to pitch himself back into the rotation. If neither asserts himself as the best viable option, what option does Francona have? He’s left with either House or Marcum trotting out there every fifth day to get lit up. Neither option is a good one at this point.

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Nick Blazek: Whether he does or doesn’t, he deserves a few more starts. Monday’s game was simply atrocious for all pitching, and that can’t be pegged on Marcum. He has a propensity to give up the long ball, but yesterday was bad for anyone on the hill. I’d say give Marcum three more starts and reevaluate then. There aren’t really better options, so I’d go with him for the time being.

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