Clevelinks: Yan Gomes Returning to Cleveland Indians; Jose Ramirez Struggles; Scoreboard


Yan Gomes is slated to return to the Cleveland Indians this Sunday, and the weekly Wroundtable discusses Jose Ramirez’s struggles.

The Cleveland Indians released some good news yesterday, as they announced that Yan Gomes would return to the lineup on Sunday. Gomes has been out for six weeks, and the Cleveland catchers haven’t wowed anyone. Hitting a wRC+ of 76 in the last month, the catching corps has struggled greatly at the plate, and they have posted the second worst defense, according to FanGraph’s defense statistic, in that same time span.

The Brazilian-born Gomes is controlled through 2019 with two more options at reasonable sums tacked onto the end. After breaking out in 2013, he proved that his success was no fluke last season. Looking to follow up on his stardom, the 29-year-old has struggled greatly this year. His .150/.150/.200 slash line is absolutely horrendous, although it is across a paltry 20 plate appearances.

In other news, Jose Ramirez has struggled this season, and the Wroundtable returned to discuss this predicament. Some argue that the Tribe should call up Francisco Lindor, but other’s want to let Ramirez play through the slump. The later argument is beginning to gain some credence, as the 22-year-old has begun to turn things around in the past week: he has walked and hit more. In the past week, Ramirez’s wRC+ of 98 (meaning that his run creation is worse than 2% of the league) and strikeout rate of 2.9% show improvement.

On a final note, the Cleveland Indians revealed a plan for a $20 million replacement of the scoreboard. Currently, the scoreboard is 12 years old, and it was the large in North America at the time of its building. The total bill of the proposed renovations amount to roughly $30 million and include heating and cooling improvements.

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