Cleveland Indians: Shaun Marcum to Get Start Wednesday vs. White Sox


Marcum makes first start since 2013

I’ve been a staunch supporter of

Shaun Marcum

needing to be in the Cleveland Indians rotation since day one. Now, after injuries and flailing efforts by the other candidates, Marcum will get his opportunity against the Chicago White Sox on Wednesday, his first start since July of 2013. Fact is, it shouldn’t have taken this long for him to get the opportunity.

Most Tribe fans know the story of Marcum, and his recovery and rehabilitation from thoracic outlet syndrome surgery. With each time he was passed up, he very well could have left to find opportunity elsewhere. But he stuck with the Indians because they stuck with him as he worked through his rehabilitation. If he pitches near the level he has been in Columbus, the Tribe will owe him a big thank you.

What’s been apparent is the evaluation of the starters–who is ready, who isn’t–has been slightly off. The depth that was supposed to be a strength has been run through and exhausted already. Marcum didn’t appear to be part of the plan for the Indians, but the best-laid plans haven’t worked out so far. So now Marcum will get his chance to return to a rotation and either earn a spot in Cleveland or somewhere else if the Tribe don’t feel he’s a long-term option.

I’m not a scout, simply a fan of the game of baseball. I watch a lot of games, not just of my own teams. Being a Cubs fan and writer, I watched Marcum a lot from his time in Milwaukee. I very much believed if given the opportunity to rehab and recover, he could be a viable option in the rotation. The Indians may say or can say whatever they want, but the fact is he’s getting a chance because all the other options failed miserably. Not because “he needed time” or whatever the spin will be.

Almost two years later, Marcum will walk out onto the mound to start a Major League game. I can only imagine how sweet a moment it will be for him.