Clevelinks: Cleveland Indians Enjoy Off Day Out of the AL Central Cellar


Tribe use day off for rest, and to reinforce

Needless to say, the Cleveland Indians haven’t had the type of start they were hoping for. But on Monday’s day off, they got to look DOWN and see someone below them–the Chicago White Sox. It’s not a victory for the Tribe to be where there at looking down at them, but it’s better than being the Sox right now. Both teams had high expectation coming in and have suffered early letdowns. The season is still young and there’s plenty of baseball to be played.

Our Cody Norman takes a look at who’s hot, who’s not and assures us that yes, things are getting better. This is very much the case, as the hot list isn’t actually just someone from the best of the not list. Jason Kipnis and Michael Brantley have picked it up at the plate, giving Tribe fans hope. On the “Not” list is Joe Ramirez, which will only fuel the speculation and calls for Francisco Lindor.

Our Joe Gerberry has his Fantasy Report for week four, and there may actually be good reasons to pick up some Indians for your team. Kipnis out of the leadoff spot has been excellent, and Brantley is a solid pickup if he’s available. He also believes that many may have given up on Corey Kluber, and you may be able to pick him up at a reasonable price.

One of the team’s expected to be “out of contention” in the AL Central was the Minnesota Twins. They didn’t get that memo. They won for the fifth straight game, going a game over .500 and sit in third place in the division. The veteran Torii Hunter just keeps on going, as a three-run home run helped key the victory.

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