Cleveland Indians create hilarious rendition of “Mean Tweets”


Jason Kipnis, Lonnie Chisenhall headline Cleveland Indians’ comical spoof

With national notoriety comes national scrutiny for the Cleveland Indians.

In a play off the “Mean Tweets” segment that originated on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Tribe produced a hilarious six-minute clip showing some players reading and responding to some pretty cruel tweets directed at them.

The Tribe sent out this tweet last night to prepare fans for the “snarky/troll-y” video:

Carlos Santana grabbed a guitar for the bit, paying tribute to the popular Mexican and American musician with the same name. Both Lonnie Chisenhall and Jason Kipnis, who struggled through 2014, made several appearances in the video. And Cory Snyder even made a cameo appearance to talk about the SI cover jynx.

-Some of the tweets were ridiculous, as one person wrote, “Yan Gomes is the worst catcher in MLB. What a waste of money.”

-Others were just flat out mean, with one person writing, “Nick Swisher is getting a second opinion on his knee. The first opinion is he sucks.”

-Still, others were a little more on point, as someone wrote, “Scott Atchison of the Indians looks like a 47-year-old guy they found hanging out at a bar.” (Atchison turned 39 yesterday — and I guess there is always a chance the Tribe found him hanging out at a bar.)

Do yourself a favor and check out the video below:

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