Cleveland Indians ace “Klubot” graces cover of Popular Mechanics


Cleveland Indians ace Corey Kluber garnered attention across the league, as he pitched his way to the AL Cy Young Award. He earned the nickname “Klubot” for his robotic-like demeanor on the mound and the fluent, repeatable process that is his delivery. 

The nickname quickly took on a life of its own, resulting in Internet memes and this shirt last season. Now, the “Klubot” is the latest cover of the magazine that features the best in popular technology.

And after his 2014 performance, there is no question the “Klubot” is popular technology in Cleveland.

Kluber’s curveball delivery was featured in a section highlighting the 42 things you should know how to do at every page alongside hammering a nail, driving a stick, paddling a canoe and lighting fireworks. According to Gemme Kaneko of, Kluber told Popular Mechanics:

"I hold my curveball almost the exact same way that I hold my fastball — with my index and middle fingers just along the narrow part of the seam. It’s just a matter of manipulating my hand into a slightly different position during the release."

However he does it, the Indians only hope their ace is programmed for another masterful season in 2015.

Cleveland Indians ace Corey Kluber is featured on the April 2015 issue of Popular Mechanics, a magazine dedicated to popular technology.

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