Clevelinks: Cody Allen; Francona Managing Indians’ Expectations And More


When it comes to baseball in the spring, you’ve always got your “staples” as favorites. The Cardinals, the Yankees, the Giants. The media loves to jump on board with teams and players early. But this season, the Cleveland indians have started to become a conversations piece, and it’s up to Terry Francona to manage those expectations. The team was ranked as high as fourth in some ratings (Best in the AL). don’t think the players don’t know that. So can Tito manage the newfound pressure in Cleveland?

WoF needed to school the likes of “That Guy” this week with the news that Francona won’t commit to Cody Allen as the closer. While he was supremely effective, not all games are won in the ninth inning. A closer does indeed get the last few out. But not every save happens the, We try to set him straight once again.

Francisco Rodriguez will return to the Brewers for a fifth season, after his free agent market failed to develop and give him any solid options. The Indians may have “kicked the tires” on Rodriguez, but never seemed to be a possible destination for the reliever. After the rumors of Jonathan Papelbon fell through, the team decided to work out a deal.

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