Clevelinks: Brandon Moss’ Bat; Indians Rotation And More


The cries have been heard all off-season. The Cleveland Indians need a right-handed power bat. They can’t win without one. Yes, it would be nice to have one. But do they need it? Can Brandon Moss help them forget about that righty slugger? Could an impact bat from the left side be just as effective? Progressive Field would seem to say yes, and our Richard Clark takes a deeper look.

Some teams are just good at developing pitching talent year in and year out. Others will assemble big arms through trades and free agency. And other times a team just gets lucky and has a great rotation fall in its lap. The Indians were that team. A group of pitchers that didn’t have high expectations last season now considered one of the best in the league. How did they do it? Our Justin Lada takes a look.

The Cleveland Browns weren’t the only team making changes to its colors. The Indians have gone to a more uniform blue between their home and away uniforms. The difference is something our own Brian Heise has talked about before. Apparently his cries for change were heard.

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