How The Indians Corey Kluber And Carlos Carrasco Are Dominating With The Slider

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Who They Threw Them To (Platoon Split)

When looking at how the two pitchers distributed their sliders among same handed hitters and opposite handed hitters, you can notice a big difference. Carrasco relied heavily on his slider when facing righties, while Kluber threw more sliders to lefties. Some of this has to do with Kluber facing more lefties (54% of batters faced compared to Carrasco’s 48%), but it also has to do with the rest of the pitches the two starters throw. Carrasco’s deadly changeup is a very effective pitch against lefties so he prefers to use that as his strikeout pitch. Changeups tend to not have a large platoon split, so it makes sense that Carrasco likes to throw his to get lefties out. Kluber has a decent changeup, but he doesn’t use it very often, and while his cutter is very good against lefties, it doesn’t have a large velocity differential from his sinker and four seam fastball, so if he wants to change speeds he’s probably going to end up throwing his slider.