The Walking Dead: Cleveland Indians Edition

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Sep 24, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Indians left fielder Michael Brantley (23) singles in the first inning against the Kansas City Royals at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

4. Michonne – Cody Allen

And for the first and only female on the list, we have Andrea! Just kidding. Andrea was the worst. Instead, we have Michonne. She’s become the rock of the group and the person everyone else has come to rely on when things get out of hand. Walkers start circling and she just whips out her katana and starts slicing off heads. It’s like she’s the closer for the show’s rag-tag group of survivors.

Sound familiar? Well, it should because it’s the same role currently filled by Cody Allen on the Indians. When things get out of hand, he’s there to save the day. His Katana? One of the best fastballs in baseball. He is slated to be the Tribe’s closer come opening day and has earned that opportunity after his phenomenal performance in the role in 2014.

3. Daryl Dixon – Michael Brantley

Daryl is without a doubt the coolest character on The Walking Dead. He rides a motor cycle, has expert tracking skills, and uses a cross-bow to slay walkers. Seriously, a cross-bow. As a character created for the television show and absent from the comic series, he has gained a following that could not have been anticipated when the first season of the show aired. Over time, thanks to steady performances year in and year out, Daryl has become a star.

You know who else has turned in steady performances year in and year out and has finally reached a star level? Michael Brantley, that’s who. All Brantley did in 2014 was make his first all-star team, throw up a .327/.385/.506 slash line with 20 homers and 97 RBI, and finish third in the AL MVP voting. If Brantley ever needed to mow down an unruly gang of walkers, I bet he’d even use a cross-bow.