The Walking Dead: Cleveland Indians Edition

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Sep 14, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Cleveland Indians first baseman Carlos Santana (41) hits an RBI double in the ninth inning against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Detroit won 4-6. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

6. Tyreese – Jason Kipnis

Everyone loved Tyreese. He was big and burly and seemed to be able to destroy any and all walkers… or even Rick. That was until he lost his edge, softened up, and ultimately (SPOILER ALERT!) lost his life when he let his guard down and was bitten by a walker. He was never the same after that… mainly because he had his arm cut off and died later on in the same episode as a result of said bite. It was sad, and tragic, and all sorts of disappointing.

Jason Kipnis shares a lot of these same characteristics. After a spectacular 2013 season, he became a fan favorite. After bulking up in the offseason to develop more power and growing a beard to hide what might have been a double chin, Kipnis struggled through an injury riddled 2014. He’s basically at the same point as Tyreese after that bite. Will he recover and be better than he was before the injuries, or will his career crash and burn, turning him into a rotting corpse of what he once was? I’m hoping for the former, but the jury is still out.

5. Glenn Rhee – Carlos Santana

You know is truly under appreciated on The Walking Dead? Glenn, that’s who. Maggie even points out as much to him during season two. As the show progresses it becomes clear just how valuable Glenn is to the group even if they don’t always realizes or vocalize it. Need a run into town? Ask Glenn. Need someone to go into a well? Glenn’s got it. And I mean, he also scored Maggie so he has to be doing something right.

In terms of underappreciated Indians, that honor can clearly be bestowed upon Carlos Santana. Fans don’t truly appreciate just how well-rounded at the plate and versatile in the field he can be. Santana can hit for power and get on base at an exceptionally high rate, .367 lifetime OBP. In the field he can catch and play both corner infield positions if need be. He could probably even man an outfield spot if asked. All that’s really left is for him to get Lauren Cohan’s phone number.