Ranking the Best Promo Giveaways for 2015


Aug 2, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Fans reach for a foul ball during the eighth inning during the game between the Cleveland Indians and the Texas Rangers at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Indians Release Promotional Schedule for 2015 Season

Everybody likes free stuff. So much so that one of the most exciting parts of actually going to a baseball game is the possibility of walking away with some free swag in the form of a promotional giveaway. My first memory of my very first Indians game was getting a free bat. No, not one of those stupid mini bats that are sold in team shops nowadays. I’m talking about a full-sized wooden bat, black, emblazoned with the Indians logo and I think a Pepsi logo.

Of course, some giveaways are better than others. Like, a lot better. Back in the late 80’s or early 90’s you could walk away with a real bat, just like I did. Today, a bobble head or a replica jersey is infinitely better than a magnet schedule or mouse pad.

Aug 13, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; The bat of Cleveland Indians first baseman Carlos Santana (not pictured) flies in to the stands in the fourth inning at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Why do I bring this up? Well, it just so happens that the Indians have released their promotional schedule for the upcoming 2015 season. And, just as in year’s past, there are some real winners to be found this season. I know that I’ve already circled a few select dates that have drawn my interest not because of the opponent, but because of what I could walk away with.

So with that said, here are the top five promotions, in my opinion, for the 2015 season, in reverse order. Disclaimer: I did not include $1 hot dog nights. Those have become a staple of every Indians season and are awesome. No one needs me to tell them what they already know.

 5. June 20: 1995 Celebration/T-Shirt~ designed by GV Art + Design

Since it has been 20 years since the Indians magical World Series run in 1995, the Indians will roll out a series of promotions and celebrations to remember the team and players that made 1995 so special. In other news, I’m old. As for the promotions, #5 on my list is a t-shirt commemorating the 1995 team. The design has yet to be released, at least not anywhere I could find. Personally, I hope they found a way to hark back to the 1995 Central Division Champions shirt. That was probably one of the best champion shirts ever produced, especially compared to today’s lackluster standard. Regardless, I’m excited to see the shirt and possibly snag one for myself.

4. May 9: 1995 AL Champions Commemorative Pennant+ courtesy of Northeast Ohio Media Group

Sticking with the theme of remembering the 1995 team, #4 is another 1995 promotion. I’m a sucker for pennants and things that I can hang on my walls in general. It should come as no surprise then that I’m excited for this giveaway. Who doesn’t like a pennant, especially one commemorating the 1995 squad? Again, this design hasn’t been revealed anywhere that I have been able to find, which will ultimately determine if it should be higher or lower on this list. But seriously, pennants and baseball just go together. This is the type of promo I’d like to see more of.

3. Jersey Giveaways: Various dates throughout the season

Jersey giveaways are typically among some of the best giveaways each and every year. This is especially true over the past couple of season when the replica jersey could actually pass for something you might buy in a store rather than a cheap, flimsy looking knockoff that could be better replicated by the bootleggers outside the stadium. I was lucky enough to get the Kenny Lofton jersey last season and with the exception of the Sugardale logo on the sleeve, it’s perfect. This season’s roster of jersey’s is once again top-notch. Among them, in nor particular order, are Mike Hargrove, Sandy Alomar, Bob Feller, and Yan Gomes. However, the jersey I have my eye on is the replica red 1975 jersey. What’s not to love about that jersey? It’s so bad that it’s good, if not great.

2. July 25: Larry Doby Statue Unveiling/Larry Doby Replica Statue – courtesy of KeyBank

The Indians continue to not just make Progressive Field a place to make history, but also a place to remember it as well. A few years back they debuted Heritage Park. Last season they unveiled an enormous statue of Jim Thome. This season, the Indians will go even further back in history as they unveil yet another statue of a past great. This time it will be Larry Doby, the first African-American player to play for an American League team. In addition to unveiling the statue, the Indians will also give away small replicas for the fans to take home. This will be a unique item handed out to the first 12,500 fans to make their way through the gates. In other words, get there ahead of time. Then again, if history is any indication you could probably show up during the third inning and still get one. But that’s a discussion for another day.

1. Bobbleheads – Various dates throughout the season

Yes, the top spot on the list goes to the bobbleheads. They are continually the best giveaways thanks to their high quality, uniqueness, and overall design. The Indians have been especially good about incorporating varying aspects of players personalities into the designs or putting the players into ridiculous situations. This year’s lineup is particularly intriguing as it features the three best players on the Indians’ current roster, Michael Brantley, Corey Kluber, and Carlos Santana. However, the bobblehead that I’m most looking forward to is for Terry Francona. His bobblehead should be interesting as it will feature the scooter he has used to get to and from Progressive Field over the past two seasons and counting.

Complete Indians Promo Schedule.

April 10: Magnet Schedule and Car Magnet* courtesy of Progressive Insurance
May 3: KeyBank Kids Fun Day
May 8: Sugardale Dollar Dog
May 9: 1995 AL Champions Commemorative Pennant+ courtesy of Northeast Ohio Media Group
May 10: KeyBank Kids Fun Day
May 12: Indians tote bag+ courtesy of MLB Network
May 22: Sugardale Dollar Dog/Fireworks presented by Wayside Furniture
May 23: 1975 Red replica jersey+ courtesy of Shearer’s
May 24: KeyBank Kids Fun Day
May 26: Sugardale Dollar Dog
May 27: Weather Education Day/Weather Education Book
June 5: Sugardale Dollar Dog/Dollar Soda Night/Fireworks presented by Wayside Furniture
June 6: Corey Kluber bobblehead # courtesy of Sugardale
June 7: KeyBank Kids Fun Day/Kids’ T-shirt^
June 19: 1995 Celebration/ Sugardale Dollar Dog/Fireworks presented by Wayside Furniture
June 20: 1995 Celebration/T-Shirt~ designed by GV Art + Design
June 21: KeyBank Kids Fun Day/Kids’ cap^
June 22: 1995 Mike Hargrove replica jersey+ courtesy of KeyBank
June 23: Sugardale Dollar Dog/Dollar Soda Night
July 8: Carlos Santana bobblehead+ courtesy of Discount Drug Mart
July 10: Sugardale Dollar Dog/Fireworks presented by Wayside Furniture
July 11: 1995 Sandy Alomar replica jersey< courtesy of Medical Mutual
July 12: KeyBank Kids Fun Day
July 24: KeyBank Hassle-Free Weekend/Sugardale Dollar Dog/Fireworks presented by Wayside Furniture
July 25: KeyBank Hassle-Free Weekend/Fireworks presented by Pierre’s/Larry Doby Statue Unveiling/Larry Doby Replica Statue~ courtesy of KeyBank
July 26: KeyBank Hassle-Free Weekend/KeyBank Kids Fun Day/Slider’s Birthday
July 28: Sugardale Dollar Dog
August 7: Sugardale Dollar Dog/Rock ‘N Blast
August 8: Michael Brantley bobblehead< /Rock ‘N Blast
August 9: KeyBank Kids Fun Day
August 11: 1948 Bob Feller replica jersey~ courtesy of Elk & Elk
August 13: Sugardale Dollar Dog
August 26: Fan-designed T-Shirt^
August 28: Sugardale Dollar Dog/Fireworks presented by Wayside Furniture
August 29: Fireworks/Yan Gomes jersey+ courtesy of Sherwin-Williams
August 30: KeyBank Kids Fun Day
September 11: Sugardale Dollar Dog/Fireworks presented by Wayside Furniture
September 12: Terry Francona red scooter bobblehead^ courtesy of Meritech/Fireworks
September 13: KeyBank Kids Fun Day
September 18: Sugardale Dollar Dog
October 3: Sugardale Dollar Dog/Fireworks/Fan Appreciation Day

* — all fans
^ — 5,000 fans 12 & under
+ –10,000 fans
~ –12,500 fans
< — 15,000 fans
# — 17,500 fans