Indians Trade Target: Mark Trumbo


Jul 21, 2014; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder

Mark Trumbo

against the Detroit Tigers at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the offseason close approaching, playoffs or not, us Indians fans make the annual ritual of who we could sign/trade for in the coming winter. In my opinion, we need to fix this offense and have precious few spots with which to do so, so signing a player seems like a far-fetched idea. I’m going to throw out a completely hypothetical trade scenario player and work it out.

Mark Trumbo

What would we have to give up?

More than likely it could cost us a a hitter and a pitcher, possibly both off of our major league roster. Zach McAllister and Josh Tomlin are the most expendable starting pitchers on the roster with McAllister carrying the most value. The hitter is where things could go wobbly. Someone like Jose Aguilar could (and if he’s wanted, SHOULD) be moved. They may be intrigued with his upside, but with Goldschimdt holding down 1B it’s more likely they would be interested in a 3B option. Could the Indians be willing to trade Lonnie Chisenhall?

Why would either side do this deal?

Cleveland: The Tribe is thirsty for a right-handed bat, especially one that hits for the power that Trumbo would provide, they have excellent depth in the rotation/bullpen and an overload at 1B/DH with Carlos Santana more than likely standing pat at 1B next year and Swisher coming off surgery to both knees. If they do part with Chisenhall, they could use Mike Aviles there until moving Jose Ramirez to 3B when Francisco Lindor is ready to man short. Trumbo would more than likely hold down the DH spot on most days, possibly spelling Santana at 1B and getting in the mix in right field/left field as well. And trust me, I’m very aware that’s what you, smart Indians fan, have Nick Swisher ticketed for next year, but with him coming off of knee surgery on both knees and struggling in 2014 when he was “healthy”, I don’t have the most faith in BrOhio.

Arizona: First off, lets establish that Arizona very recently acquired Trumbo and may not be willing to give him up. However it must also be mentioned that the front office minds that traded for Trumbo have since been ousted and Tony LaRussa, along with his very new hire Dave Stewart as GM, are calling the shots. They have Paul Goldschimdt at 1B, but he ended the year on the DL with no depth there after his injury (Trumbo was the obvious answer but was on the DL himself). Tomlin/McAllister provide an innings eater, back-end of the rotation type pitcher for a team with problems there and in the bullpen. Tomlin/McAllister can provide security for the Snakes as they go into next year with many young arms in key positions. Chisenhall would hold down 3B if they were able to pry him away.