If the Indians Went to the Olympics

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Aug 29, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Cleveland Indians center fielder Michael Bourn (24) singles against the Atlanta Braves in the third inning at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bourn – Bobsled Team

Hershel Walker once did it and LoLo Jones is doing it for the women’s squad this year, so it doesn’t take a whole lot of experience. While Walker was a beast and could kick your butt as an MMA fighter today, Jones hasn’t really done much of anything. She runs fast but she never wins. Bourn runs fast and he gets on base at a .335 clip for his career. While that isn’t necessarily lead-off material, power and speed are a part of Bourn’s game, and they are both very useful in the initial push for the sleigh. Bourn was born to do this event.

Yan Gomes – Biathlon

Sure, he’s from Brazil and may not have a lot of skiing experience, unless he’s an unknown mountain man, but Gomes has the gun behind the plate, so why not let him shoot and ski together in this event? After picking off 41 percent of would-be base  stealers in 2013, Gomes has forced the Indians to give Carlos Santana a look at third base, clearing the catching position for the 26-year-old. He may be a mess on the skis, but Gomes adjusted nicely to full-time catching duties in 2013, so he’ll adapt.