Clint Frazier Makes Elite List


Screen Grab: MLB Network

Clint Frazier Named a Top 10 Outfield Prospect

On Thursday, MLB Pipeline will release their list of the top 100 MLB prospects. In addition to that, they’ve also named their top ten prospects at each position. Not surprisingly, Francisco Lindor was named as one of the top shortstop prospects in the game, coming in at number four. However, the real surprise was Clint Frazier. Less than a year after being drafted in the first round by the Indians, Frazier finds himself as the tenth best outfield prospect in all of baseball. Not too shabby.

A lot has been made of Frazier during both the draft process and in his short time within the Indians organization. Scouts have praised his work ethic and commitment to getting better on top of the already natural gifts he has as a ballplayer – power, bat speed, foot speed, arm. He’s been widely regarded by many as the complete package and the closest thing to a can’t miss prospect as it gets.

MLB Pipeline’s blurb about Frazier indicated just how highly they view him as a prospect:

"“Amazingly, two high schools in Loganville, Ga., produced the top two prep position players in the 2013 Draft. Frazier went four picks ahead of his crosstown-rival Meadows, mostly because he has electric bat speed and huge power potential. An above-average runner with a strong arm, he may profile better as a right fielder than a center fielder in the long run.”"

This goes along with what Wahoo’s on First prospect guru, Geordy Boveroux, had to say about Clint Frazier and his potential in the weeks and months following his selection by the Indians. Geordy loves the bat speed, raw power, and the physical tools and  hustle he displays. However, he doesn’t believe center field is his final landing spot.

"“The reason Frazier won’t be a fit in center is because he isn’t particularly an athlete. He has plenty of talent, but a lot is derived from his hard-nosed 110 percent effort mentality making the most out of the ability he naturally possesses. He has plenty of natural talent, but he isn’t the type that can be lackadaisical and still be a great player.  Most center fielders are more naturally gifted and are thus a better fit for the position. Like Law said, “center field is hard.”This isn’t a knock on Frazier as a prospect; it simply means the bar is higher for him. Not all center fielders can hit 20-30 HRs, but most quality corner outfielders can. For Frazier to be worth his draft hype as a corner outfielder, he’ll need to reach his full potential.”"

This will only help increase the expectations on Frazier as he makes his way through the Indians minor league system. Speaking of which, the fans will need to remember that despite all the accolades, we still have a long way to go before Frazier is making an impact at the big league level. With only 44 games and 196 professional at bats under his belt, Frazier is nowhere near major league ready. The .297/.362/.506 slash line is a good start, but there are bound to be plenty of highs and lows along the way.

For now, the Indians can hang their hats on having two of the best prospects in all of baseball in their organization. Between Francisco Lindor and Clint Frazier, the future looks bright. It is up to the Indians to properly develop both players and get the most out of their abilities. Oh, and to continue to bring in players of their caliber through the draft process. That is something admittedly easier said than done, but if the Indians continue on their recent hot streak they could build something special.