Top 5 Underwhelming Indians for Tribe Fest

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credit: The Plain Dealer

#1. Eric Plunk

Has there ever been a more frustrating reliever in the history of ever. All I really remember from the Eric Plunk era is my dad saying, “Oh God, not Eric Plunk” any time Mike Hargrove brought him into the game. I’m willing to guess most fans had the same reaction during those magical mid-90’s seasons as well. In a strange twist, most fans would probably have the same reaction if they saw Eric Plunk’s name on the Tribe Fest roster, “Oh God, not Eric Plunk.” Nothing against the guy. I’m sure he’s a great person with a lot of endearing qualities, but as a relief pitcher he left a lot to be desired, especially when it came to giving up home runs. That’s why he gets the “honorable” distinction of being #1 on this list. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is rushing to by tickets to Tribe Fest is Eric Plunk’s name is anywhere on the list of attendees.