Indians Find Themselves in Rarefied Air


Sep 22, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona (right) and general manager Chris Antonetti watch as starting pitcher Justin Masterson (not pictured) throws a simulated game at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Indians are Model of Stability

And just like that, the Indians are the most stable and functional professional sports franchise in the city of Cleveland.

With the Cavaliers currently dealing with a bust of a number one draft pick, player turmoil and whatever is going on with Andrew Bynum and the Browns doing… well… things the Browns typically do, it’s the Indians that seem to have the most going for them. Fresh off of a playoff appearance with a roster that looks primed to experience even more potential improvement in 2014, the Indians can sit back and enjoy their status as kings of the city. Meanwhile the court jesters next door and a few blocks down on East 9th, will continue to provide comedic fodder in the form of continuing frustration and heartache.

Now is the time for the Indians to grab ahold of the city once again. As the darlings of Cleveland during the mid-90’s, the Tribe was the hottest ticket in town. Meanwhile, the Cavs were wallowing in the same type of mediocrity they currently find themselves and the Browns existed only on paper as a historical footnote thanks to Art Modell. The Indians were able to captivate the city in a way they never had before thanks to a string of pulse pounding playoff trips and division titles. The end result, 455 straight sell-outs and memories that will last a lifetime.

Are you beginning to see the parallels?

With the Indians recent success coupled with whatever is going on with the Browns and Cavs, it is clear which team should be garnering the most interest. They have a very distinct plan in place. It is one that has centered around smart spending, advanced statistical analysis of player performance, and striking the trade and free agent markets when the time is right. Yes, folks, that is a plan and it is a damn good one. Meanwhile the Cavs one and only plan appears to revolve around re-signing LeBron James on a wing and a prayer. As for the Browns, no one would ever dare accuse them of having a plan. Unless of course you consider the fact that they are in year 15 of a 3-year rebuilding plan. And even then, it’s more of a process. But hey, at least they’ll have pretty scoreboards next year.

What I’m trying to say is that the Indians, for all of their issues over the years combined with the continuing competitive imbalances in Major League Baseball are finding a way. They are still putting an enjoyable and affordable product on the field. They are a team that looks to be heading in the right direction led by Terry Francona and a rag-tag group of young and talented players. This is the type of team the city of Cleveland wants and has been crying out for. You want stability? You want a plan that is moving in the right direction? Well, the Indians are it.

I know, the thought of a professional Cleveland sports team being on the verge of sustainable success is surprising. This is uncharted territory. But rest assured that while the Cavs and Browns continue to circle the drain and break your hearts, the Indians are standing, waiting, with open arms. There is still plenty of room on the bandwagon. Don’t you think you should hop on? You owe it to yourselves to enjoy the most stable and well-run franchise in the city of Cleveland.