Thanksgiving Recap


Nov 28, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker (9) and wide receiver Jacoby Jones (12) reach for pieces of a turkey after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 22-20 during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at M

For those of you who might have missed it, yesterday we ran a series of articles explaining what each of us was thankful for as Indians fans and in life in general. The response we received from this project was overwhelmingly positive so I’ve decided to compile a list of links for all of our articles below. I encourage everyone to give them a read and share with us what you are thankful for as an Indians fan. You can do that below in the comments or hit us up on Twitter or on Facebook.

Brian Heise’s thankful article.

Jeff Mount is thankful for hope.

Geordy Boveroux is thankful for Terry Francona.

Ed Carroll is thankful for a lot in this heartfelt post.

Evan Vogel provides his thankful list.

Michael Chaney’s shares his thoughts.

Katrina Putnam is thankful for three primary things.

Merritt Rohlfing is thankful for the game.

Steve Kinsella is thankful for memories.

Nick Houghtaling is thankful that the game can bring people together.