Baseball Prospectus Releases Indians Top 10 Prospect List


Baseball Prospectus Releases Indians Top 10 Prospects

Francisco Lindor heads Cleveland Indians Top 10 Prospects List.

Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus (Subscription Required) has released his evaluation of the Indians Top 10 Minor League prospects. In order to have access to the scouting reports on each of the prospects, additional information on which prospects are on the rise, who on the farm might make an impact in 2014, and much much more you’ll need a subscription to

The Top Ten

  1. SS Francisco Lindor
  2. OF Clint Frazier
  3. CF Tyler Naquin
  4. RHP Cody Anderson
  5. Francisco Mejia
  6. 2B Jose Ramirez
  7. SS Ronny Rodriguez
  8. SS Dorssys Paulino
  9. 2B Joe Wendle
  10. RHP Dace Kime subscription price: $4.95 per month or $39.95 per year. 

Highly recommend the 1-year gift subscription for $39.95.