Weekly Wroundtable: Wagers Edition


For this week’s edition of the Weekly Wroundtable, I was inspired by a my colleague Michael Chaney’s tweet. Since Michael is willing to twerk for all of us, I decided to ask the rest of the staff to ante up and pick what they wanted to wager whatever they please on whether the Indians will or will not make the playoffs.

Geordy Boveroux

I’ll wager all of my hawk dollars that the Indians do not make the playoffs. Hawk dollars are the currency my college uses for food that’s built into our meal plans. Hawk dollars are considered sacred and not to be shared. Few things can top a fresh handmade sub for $7.50 at 2 a.m. That should show the confidence I have that the 2013 Cleveland Indians are not a playoff team, since I’m anteing up 300 hawk dollars.

That’s not to say the Indians are a bad team, and I believe they will stay competitive to the final week of the season. I just believe with Masterson’s injury still somewhat uncertain and Danny Salazar’s impending innings cap, this team can only get worse from it’s current point. Much has been made of the cupcake schedule, but that’s guarantees Cleveland nothing. Next year may provide more hope, but my gut just tells me that this team is missing just one more piece.

Michael Chaney

I feel so honored to have a part in all of this — I feel like an inspiration. Anyway, I’m actually quite confident with this Indians team. This year’s club gives me a feeling that I’ve never quite had about a team. I can still feel the magic. I still feel that the story of the 2013 Cleveland Indians has yet to be written. That’s not to say that I’ll guarantee the Indians a playoff spot, because there are a lot of other terrific teams in the American League that would like to have a say in that. But the Indians aren’t done.

With that being said, I’ve already promised to twerk (for better or for worse), so I probably don’t want to do much more and risk scarring too many people. I guess I’m open to other suggestions to from the peanut gallery, although I should probably learn to twerk properly (if there’s actually a proper way) so this doesn’t end up like a Miley Cyrus-type thing.

Kyle Downing

I bet Geordy’s newfound authority on it. That way something good will come out of the bet whether they make it to the postseason or not.

Editor’s Note: My reign of terror as editor in Brian Heise’s absence has displeased some due to my tyrannical means of controlling the staff. That being said Kyle has no authority to fire me from my editorial position…though Brian comes home from vacation tomorrow.

Brian Heise

This is easy. I would be willing to wager full-time editorial duties that the Indians won’t make the playoffs.

Editor’s note: You’re on.

Evan Vogel

I would feel comfortable betting my life on it. If the Indians were to make the playoffs at this point, line up a firing squad and have at it. The chances are dwindling by the day and have been for some time, but the series in Detroit was the figurative nail in the coffin. Barring a 2011-version of the Boston Red Sox collapse by the Tigers, this isn’t happening, and even if the Tigers were to fall from grace, I feel that the Royals are the better team to take over the AL Central than the Indians with their pitching and interesting lineup. There are just too many teams to overcome in the Wild Card and too many games in the Central.