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Series Preview: Cleveland Indians at Boston Red Sox

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Players to Watch: Red Sox

  • Adrian Gonzalez: Gonzalez is a professional hitter, plain and simple. His combination of power, average, and timely hitting ranks among the game’s elite. Yes, he’s had a down season so far, but he’s still the most dangerous weapon in Boston’s arsenal. If the Indians can limit the amount of damage Gonzalez inflicts, their odds of having a successful series dramatically increase.
  • Dustin Pedroia: Pedroia is that classic case of a player you hate when he’s not on your team and would love if he were to ever play for your team. He’s scrappy, hustles on every play, and always finds a way to come through in the clutch. It drives everyone crazy. Whereas Gonzalez’s contributions will be blatantly obvious, many of Pedroia’s can go unnoticed if you’re not paying close enough attention. Watch him closely this series.

Players to Watch: Indians

  • Jason Kipnis: Kipnis was red hot going into the White Sox series and then cooled off a bit. Can he bounce back? He’ll need to if the Indians offense wants blow up the Red Sox pitching staff. This also give us a good chance to compare him to Pedroia, the player to which many have tried to compare him.
  • Derek Lowe: Lowe has been lights out this year and watching him pitch against the Red Sox should be fun. Let’s just hope the emotions can be kept in check and Lowe can give the Indians another solid seven innings.

Trivia Answer: The last time the Indians swept the Red Sox in a three-game series in Boston was June of 1975. Here are the Box Scores: Game 1, Game 2, Game 3.

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