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The 2012 Cleveland Indians Top Prospects List

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Starting in February, our own Geordy Boveroux undertook the ambitious project of compiling a top prospects list for the Cleveland Indians organization. Here’s a summary of Geordy’s list—be sure to check out each player’s full profile!

No. 15: Cord Phelps. No one should be judging Phelps from his 35-game cup of tea in the majors last year, especially with all the quality play he has shown throughout his minor-league career. He’s a very well-rounded player who needs to continue to work hard; he isn’t the most physically gifted guy around, but he’s still athletic enough to make plays offensively and defensively. (full profile here)

No. 14: Chun-Hsiu Chen. Of all the Tribe’s promising catching prospects, the furthest along in terms of development is Chen. If he can make adjustments to bring his strikeout numbers back down and raise his OBP as he progresses, he could be a really valuable asset for the Tribe in the high minors and would probably be the one dangerous MLB-ready bat they’ll have in Columbus. (full profile here)

No. 13: Scott Barnes. As a 6’4″ southpaw he’s just what the Indians currently lack in their rotation: a big lefty. He will never be more than a No. 3 starter at best since his fastball is only average (usually sitting in the low 90’s) and his slider isn’t a true out pitch, but he has consistently produced throughout his minor-league career. (full profile here)

No. 12: Austin AdamsAustin Adams is probably the most intriguing prospect in the Indians’ farm system. He’s a 25-year-old starting pitcher who’s only 5’11,” yet he can hit 100 mph on the radar gun. Because he is short and throws so hard. there are questions about how he will hold up as a full-time starter. Making him into a reliever could get a lot more use out of his plus-plus fastball. (full profile here)

No. 11: Alex Lavisky. As a catcher, Lavisky has big-time ability at the thinnest position in baseball. He has already shown some nice power that can only improve. Lavisky also has much to offer defensively: he has a strong arm and plenty of athleticism. This year is the perfect time for his coming-out party as a top prospect. (full profile here)