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Crowdsourcing the 2012 Cleveland Indians Top Prospects List


It’s almost spring training, which means prospect-rating season is in full swing. We’ve been getting in the spirit of the season here at Wahoo’s on First, reviewing all the big-name prospect lists as they’ve come out, and even working on our own rankings.

But great as all the experts’ lists are, there’s one thing they lack: democracy.

In the interest of giving the people a voice, we’re trying something new: a crowdsourced top prospects list.

It is my hope that synthesizing the collective wisdom of the masses will lead us to a consensus of who the best Indians players of the future will be.

A few quick rules:

  • List your top 10 Indians prospects in order. You must list 10 players for your ballot to be counted.
  • Any player who has not yet lost his “rookie” status is considered a prospect.
  • One list per person, please.
  • Lists that are incomplete or contain one or more ineligible players will not be counted.

Voting will end February 24. Thanks for your participation!

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