Indians Claim Jim Thome Off Waivers


When Travis Hafner went on the DL last week, the Indians lineup suffered a major loss. It is tough to replace someone like Hafner, but a player like Jim Thome could be a worthy replacement.

Thome was recently placed on waivers by the Twins, and it was well known that the Indians were interested in him.

Reports came out earlier today that confirmed the Indians claim of Thome, and the team has until Friday at 1pm to make a deal with the Twins. Thome has a no-trade clause that he could use, but his return to Cleveland would be great for the Indians, and a great story.

Thome left after the 2002 season to join the Phillies, which left many Indians fans angry after Thome said that he would never leave Cleveland. Some may still be angry about his move to Philly, but it is tough to be against his return to a struggling Indians team.

For Thome to come to Cleveland, the Indians would have to make a trade with the Twins. I find it hard to believe that the Twins would be too picky about who they received in return, as they probably have no intention of re-signing Thome after this season.

The only thing that would likely prevent Thome from re-joining the Tribe is Thome himself. He could refuse a trade to Cleveland, and try to get on a team like the Phillies. However, if he refuses a trade to Cleveland the Twins could simply pull him off waivers.

It would make sense for Thome to return to Cleveland, and end his historic career on a positive note. The team will surely honor his 600 home run milestone, and he could go into the Hall of Fame as a member of the Indians.