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Indians Get No-Hit and Lose in Embarrassing Fashion

By Editorial Staff

The Indians were not seen on TV in Cleveland yesterday, and fans did not miss much from an Indians standpoint. The team had five errors and did not record a single hit, even though a run was scored.

What was missed from this non-televised game was the no-hitter thrown by Ervin Santana. I was in attendance for the game, and I am very grateful for the fact that I was able to witness a no-hitter. Fans could go to games for their whole lives and never come close to seeing one pitched.

However, I cannot say that I left the stadium pleased. The poor performance by the Tribe, on both offense and defense, left me extremely frustrated as I left. The obvious reason for my frustration resulted from the fact that the Indians did not record a single hit in the game. They recorded a run, which happened after Carrera reached on and error and later scored on a wild pitch, but it was not a fun game to watch.

The only other runner to reach base was Lonnie Chisenhall after he was walked. It was clear that Santana was on his game, as he continually pounded the strike zone with effectiveness.

Being no-hit is essentially rock bottom for a struggling Indians offense. They bottomed out, and they must now regain their composure and understand that it is a part of the game. It is a 162 game season, and they must begin to play better if they want all the games to matter.

The other reason for my frustration was because of the five errors in the game. The worst of them all was committed by Matt LaPorta. In the ninth caught a short pop over his shoulder. Peter Bourjos was on second and ran to third thinking that it was going to drop. All LaPorta had to do was plant his feet and throw to second for the out. Instead, he threw to second as he was stumbling, which resulted in a bounced throw that did not record an out.

Hopefully the team can move past this game and erase it from their memories. A three game series against the Royals begins Friday, which is followed up by a road-trip to Boston and Texas. This upcoming series in a must-win for the Tribe, due to the tough opponents they are going to face. It would be nice to have a new player in a Tribe uniform to take to Boston and help spark the offense. B.J. Upton anyone?