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Asdrubal Cabrera Will Likely be Backup to Jeter in All-Star Game

By Editorial Staff

The All-Star voting ends tonight at midnight, and it looks like Asdrubal Cabrera will not be able to overcome Derek Jeter in the voting. Jeter was about 500 thousand votes ahead of Cabrera when the latest update was given, and it would take a near miracle for Asdrubal to find himself starting in the game.

Although I would love to see Asdrubal start, it is fitting that Derek Jeter starts in the game. He is one of baseball’s living legends, and he may have 3000 hits when the All-Star Game is played. His status is similar to that of Cal Ripken, who was always in the All-Star Game until his retirement.

Being a backup in the All-Star Game is now better than being a starter. The starter usually only plays the first four or five innings, and leaves the game in favor of the backup. Asdrubal will now be in the position to be in the game when it matters.

Asdrubal will certainly be in many future All-Star Games, and just being in the game is an honor, so there is no reason for him to feel snubbed about not being voted the starter.