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Lonnie Chisenhall is Here

By Editorial Staff

It was reported earlier today that Lonnie Chisenhall has been called up, and is in the lineup tonight. This move is one that needed to happen, as Adam Everett was DFA.

This move completes one half of the roster makeover that I mentioned in a post earlier today, with Adam Everett being let go. The next step would be to let go Austin Kearns, which might happen soon.

Chisenhall was recently named International League player of the week after coming back from a concussion. He might have been in Cleveland earlier if not for that concussion.

He is in the lineup tonight at third base, and might begin to see more time there than Jack Hannahan. It all depends on how Chisenhall plays in these next few weeks to determine whether or not he will hold the spot at third. This is why there is no need to speculate until we all see how Chisenhall plays.