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Thoughts on Jon Nunnally’s Dismissal

By Editorial Staff

It was announced before Sunday’s game that hitting coach Jon Nunnally had been let go in favor of Indian’s minor league hitting coordinator Bruce Fields.

There is no question that the offense is struggling, but only some of the blame can fall on a team’s hitting coach. He can try and give players tips on how to improve their swing, but it ultimately comes down to how each individual player performs. The hitting coach cannot control everything each player does.

This move is also interesting considering that the Indians are first in the Central. Also, Nunnally was a well liked coach. This reminds me of the Boston Celtics trading Kendrick Perkins to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Perkins was one of the most liked players on the team, and the players did not take it well when he left. Morale was low, and many were upset. The realization that players in any sport need to come to is that it is a business.

Nunnally being let go is all part of the business of baseball. Someone needed to take the blame for the offensive struggles, and unfortunately for Jon Nunnally, the blame was put on him. The team has been shut out four times in June, and many players have struggled. However, the offense scored 5 runs in each game of the series against the Pirates. This could be from frustration about the firing of Nunnally, or just the fact that the players are coming out of their respective slumps.

I do not think that the players will be upset for too long over Nunnally’s firing, because they understand that baseball is a business. They should embrace their new coach in Fields, and understand that anyone could be replaced if the team begins to lose games.