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Time Will Tell for Mitch Talbot

By Editorial Staff

Wednesday’s game saw the return of Mitch Talbot from the DL. It was a game that he and Indians fans would like to forget. The game ended in a 14-2 loss to the Red Sox, and was over early.

The Red Sox scored 7 runs in the top of the first inning, sending 12 total batters to the plate. Talbot’s final statline read 3 innings, while allowing 8 runs on 12 hits. It was a terrible way for Talbot to return, and he must bounce back on Tuesday in Toronto.

Many pitchers have at least one bad start each season, and hopefully Talbot got his out of the way early. His ERA went from 1.46 to 5.87 after his start on Wednesday, but this stat is inflated. He has only pitched in a total of 15.1 innings this season, so it should go down after a few innings of allowing no runs.

With Alex White being out for at least a few months due to injury, Talbot must pitch well in order for the Tribe to keep winning at their current pace. They cannot have a weak member of the rotation, especially with the recent shortcomings on offense.

Talbot is actually lucky that White was injured, because if not he might not even be in the rotation. He should bear down and focus on doing well, because if not he might see himself