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Indians Get Rained Out for 2nd Game in a Row

By Editorial Staff

The awful weather stayed in Cleveland on Sunday, causing another postponed contest between the Indians and Mariners. The teams were about to start at 1:50, but the umpires quickly pulled them off the field, where they would remain. The cancellation does not skip Tomlin’s spot in the rotation, as it did for Alex White. Instead, he will pitch on Monday in Kansas City.

This is frustrating for players and fans alike because the Mariners are a very beatable team, and they proved it on Friday. They held a 4-2 heading into the 9th, only to allow 3 runs including a walk-off homer by Travis Hafner. Two more wins against the Mariners could have given the Indians some momentum heading into this important series with the Royals. They already carry momentum as they are the best team in the AL, but it will be interesting to see if the two day layoff has any effect on the team.

The positives behind these rainouts are that the bullpen gets must needed rest and so does Grady Sizemore. His is still nursing an injured knee, but it is not the same one he had surgery on. Barring any other injuries, he will now be able to play in these two games when they are made up in August.

The next meeting between the teams in Cleveland comes during August 22-24. Both teams also have an off day on the 25th, but the games will most likely be made up during the three orginally scheduled days. This will result in the whole pitching staff pitching in 3 days, which might result in a burnt out bullpen. It could also result in 5 Chris Perez saves. The off day on the 25th will help, but the coaching staff will have to closely monitor the pitcher’s activity during this period.

The Indians head on a four game road trip, with two in KC and two in Chicago. Tomlin will make the start on Monday, and Alex White will be available out of the bullpen, after his missed start on Saturday.