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Carlos Santana Officially Breaks out of Slump

By Editorial Staff

As all Indians fans know, Carlos Santana gave the Indians their most exciting win of the season on Friday night. With the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, he hit a walk-off grand slam to beat the Tigers.

I know that it is only one hit, but it is the best possible hit any player could ever have. This should give Santana the confidence he needs to get back to his potential level of play.

He is currently hitting .195 on the year, but he has 16 RBI. Looking at his stats reveals that Santana is much better at home than he is away. At home he is hitting .250, and he is .143 on the road. This road average should not scare fans, because many players, such as David Ortiz, always have slow starts. There is also no real competition because the organization believes so highly in Santana.

Many people are calling for him to move out of the cleanup spot, but there is no reason to change the lineup on a 17-8 team. If the team hits a slump, this may happen but Santana has nothing to worry about. As long as he keeps hitting walk-off grand slams, he’s good in my book.