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Indians April Pitching Assignments

By Editorial Staff

The season is only 5 days away, and most fans, including me, are looking for games to attend in the month of April. The starting pitcher can be the difference between attending a game and not.

Below is a list of the starting pitching assignments for April. This list is according to the rotation that Manny Acta announced and does not take into account changes in the rotation.

April 1 vs White Sox- Fausto Carmona

April 2 vs White Sox- Carlos Carrasco

April 3 vs White Sox- Justin Masterson

April 4- off

April 5 vs Red Sox- Josh Tomlin

April 6 vs Red Sox- Mitch Talbot

April 7 vs Red Sox- Fausto Carmona

April 8 at Mariners- Carlos Carrasco

April 9 at Mariners- Justin Masterson

April 10 at Mariners- Josh Tomlin

April 11 at Angels- Mitch Talbot

April 12 at Angels- Fausto Carmona

April 13 at Angels- Carlos Carrasco

April 14- off

April 15 vs Orioles- Justin Masterson

April 16 vs Orioles- Josh Tomlin

April 17 vs Orioles- Mitch Talbot

April 18 at Royals- Fausto Carmona

April 19 at Royals- Carlos Carrasco

April 20 at Royals- Justin Masterson

April 21 at Royals- Josh Tomlin

April 22 at Twins- Mitch Talbot

April 23 at Twins- Fausto Carmona

April 24 at Twins- Carlos Carrasco

April 25- off

April 26 vs Royals- Justin Masterson

April 27 vs Royals- Josh Tomlin

April 28 vs Royals- Mitch Talbot

April 29 vs Tigers- Fausto Carmona

April 30 vs Tigers- Carlos Carrasco