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Sizemore Matters…

By Editorial Staff

I got this title idea from a t-shirt I wanted to buy when the Indians were in the playoffs back in 2007. I passed up my first opportunity and there were none left when I came back, so I went with the “Fear The Pronk” shirt instead. Nobody has feared him since.

I realize this is a little late but I’m glad that GM Chris Antonetti put to rest at the town hall meeting any rumors of Grady Sizemore being sent packing this year, and thankfully so.

Even though the past two seasons for Sizemore have been injury riddle I think he can be still be an elite player for the Tribe. This past offseason Grady has been reportedly altering his swing to alleviate some of the stress it has been putting on that left elbow. Though his power numbers may drop a little, I think this will help Grady in the end.

I would even like to see Sizemore move to (deep) left field if Michael Brantley were to continue to produce the way he has shown he can. When Brantley was called up the first time for Grady in 2009, he hit .313 with 11 RBI’s. I am well aware of the struggles that Brantley had at the onset of the 2010 season but I’m also optimistic. He has shown flashes of brilliance in his first stint with the Tribe, and that early season call up last year may have proved to be a significant stepping-stone in the learning process of becoming a major league ball player. After July 18 he hit.288, by comparison, Carlos Santana hit .260 before getting injured, with 8 doubles, 3 triples and 3 homers. I’m certainly not saying he will be better than Santana but that gives reason for optimism. He also swiped ten bags. Having Brantley in center may also make it a bit easier on that surgically repaired left knee.

From an organizational standpoint, Grady may be the best marketable player for the Tribe other than maybe Santana and Choo and just as my fellow colleague Steve pointed out in an earlier post, the Indians are in dire need to fill seats at Jacob’s Field. Fans will certainly enjoy seeing number 24 back in the outfield at The Jake, especially the sisterhood of Grady’s Ladies.

I LOVE this commercial but I couldn’t find only the Sizemore one. Anyway, it starts at the 0:47 mark.