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Fan vs. Food

By Editorial Staff

Please don’t sue me, Adam Richman/Travel Channel.

While the Indians aren’t making much offseason noise, here in Akron the Aeros are at least trying to grab the attention of the locals. The new Canal Park food director, Jason Kerton, is introducing a new signature food each month that will be sold at the home of the Indians AA club, and the offerings are not for the faint of heart (seriously).

This is what I love about minor league baseball. In order to draw fans, the teams turn the game into a gimmick-filled experience that makes the game enjoyable for all ages, and even people who don’t really care about baseball. I once saw an on-field contest at Canal Park where two men downed a 20 oz. bottle of Mountain Dew as quickly as possible, then did the classic head down bat spin and ran to first base, and no one threw up! Only in minor league baseball is this possible.

I am fortunate enough to work less than a 15 minute walk from Canal Park. Without a doubt, I will be making the trek this year to try the Three Dog Night, a hot dog stuffed in a bratwurst jammed into a kielbasa topped with sauerkraut and the world’s best condiment: stadium mustard. I will certainly be reporting back about that experience, as it is a perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Tribe’s future and raise my cholesterol at the same time.

If you’re reading and have a minor league team close to you, you most definitely should make the effort to see them a few times a year. As I mentioned, it is a great place for a family outing, and quite a lighter hit to the wallet than an Indians game. Don’t take your local team for granted, show up and cheer them (or half-drunk soda-chugging idiots) on!