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Spend Your Day at Snow Days? Why Not?


The Indians were kind enough to invite me to the Snow Days media day yesterday. The Indians have transformed Progressive Field into a winter wonderland with a toboggan chute (called The Batterhorn) going from the left field bleachers into right field, an ice skating course (the Frozen Mile), as well as a snow maze and child-friendly ice rink. They threw in a fire pit on the home run porch and plan fireworks nights and will be blaring Christmas music (ugh) the whole time. There’s also a “Snow Zone” where you can make snowmen or have a snowball fight (presumably).

Having sampled the activites, I can say with full certainty that this is nowhere near as lame as it sounds. Although I went on Tuesday when there was next to no snow, I did have fun and it is a great option for families to have fun. Here’s my only problem:

"General admission tickets cost $5 and provide access to the Snow Zone, the Winter Haven area with the Snow Maze, and to other activities, excluding tubing and ice skating. Tickets cost $10 for unlimited ice skating included, $20 for a two-hour session on the Batterhorn included and $25 for a combination"

The Batterhorn was my favorite part (It’s seriously a blast sledding down from the bleachers). Are you telling me I have to pay $25 in order to get the full experience?

Food and drinks are available, and my memory may be faulty, but it seemed to be a tad cheaper than at an Indians game.

Here’s some amateur photography I took at the media day (which was, ironically, sans snow):

And who’s this joker on the pitcher’s mound?

All in all, I had a great time at Snow Days, and I think it’s good that the Indians are providing something for Cleveland to do during this dreary winter. Snow Days gets Deep Left Field’s seal of approval.