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Jensen Lewis Should Stop Tweeting


Jensen, we have to talk.

I know you’re going through a rough time. Last season had to have been hard, getting sent down to Columbus four times despite having decent numbers. I know you were sent down because you were the guy with an option left. I know it wasn’t fair, and I know you could be stressing a little bit about your future with the Indians. If you have a poor spring training, you might not make the team. I get it. It’s stressful.

But buddy, these tweets have gotta stop.

Look, it’s cool you’re down with the Twitter and you’re really the only Indians player that tweets on anything close to a regular basis. That’s good. But your tweets are just so … lame. Look, that’s cool if you want to use Twitter to coordinate your meeting place (I guess) but you look like an absolute tool when you start posting political taunts, regardless of the party you support.

You should take a page from your closer, Chris Perez. He makes even his mundane tweets pretty badass. Although he’s way too excited for the offseason, I never roll my eyes at one of his tweets. You guys are in the bullpen together. Maybe he can give you pointers.

Either way Jensen, it’s got to stop. Use Twitter for good, not boredom.