Victor Martinez With the Sawx?!?


I’m sorry, I just can’t get over this sight. This is probably my first true rant with this blog, but I feel as though it is necessary. After years of enjoying Victor Martinez as a Cleveland Indian, whether at first base or catcher, I (and we) have to see him in Boston?!?

Victor was an icon with Cleveland; a true leader for the Tribe. The Big Chief (sorry Eric Wedge) if you will…but it is tough. I respected Cliff Lee, and was greatful when he won the Cy Young. His great 2005 season earlier in his career was derailed by serious arm issues, and the guy simply responded with the Cy  in 2008…after the trading of CC to Milwaukee. As tough as losing Lee to Philly was, Victor’s departure stings much more.

Nothing against Ryan Garko, but he is no Victor, much less Cliff Lee. He was a nice fixture at The Jake (yeah, I said it), but not exactly the fan favorite that a Grady Sizemore…or Victor…is and was.

This trade deadline was tough for all Indian fans. Sure, the new faces offer some hope, which has been a problem recently looking at the gate for Progressive Field. However, new faces and prospects aside, Victor Martinez in a Red Sox uniform sickens me.

I would rather see him play in New York…honestly. And by New York, I mean with the Yankees. Boston is the team that ruined our 2007 World Series hopes, and dismantled us in 1999 after a 2-0 ALDS lead was claimed by the Indians. I understand the Yankees were a fierce rival for the old Indians’ era, with good teams that is, but the younger generation can forget that after the dominating Tribe teams of the 1990’s.

At least the Yankees act like they have won before, which they have, quite often. When Boston wins the series, they simply make themselves look like idiots. I guess Johnny Damon was on to something, eh? The fans insist on flipping cars and burning them. You would think that in 2007, after crushing our hearts, and those of Rockies’ (a team I enjoy following in the NL) fans, they would be used to the whole ‘winning’ thing. Now, the crab-eaters feel as though their right is to win the series every year, where at least the Yankee fans can justify the same claim with a much higher number of titles.

I am not completely sure on where I am going with this, other than I hate the Red Sox and it is a true shame to see Victor Martinez representing that club. I am, however, glad he gets his shot at playing for a contender. He does deserve that. Good luck Victor!