Sweep by Brewers Proves Costly For Tribe


Going into this week’s series against Milwaukee, the Cleveland Indians had started picking up steam in the powerless AL Central. The Twins, White Sox, and Royals had stagnated to no better than .500 for the previous ten games, while the Tigers had not gained any separation on the rest of the division. The opportunity for the Indians to continue making a move upward was against the Brewers.

Although Milwaukee was, and still is, a division leader, the Indians had been playing excellent baseball for their three previous series. Unfortunately, Cleveland’s pitching took a sudden turn for the worst the past few days.

The Indians scored twenty-five runs over three days (that’s an averagve of just over eight runs per contest for you non-math specialists), but managed to lose each one. Twelve runs wasn’t enough by the Tribe in the series opener, as Rafael Perez single-handedly dished out the win to Milwaukee. Even the pesky seagulls couldn’t bear to watch pathetic attempt at pitching on Monday.

Not only did that game seemingly set the tone for the series, but it has been a symbol of the season for Cleveland…at least up until this point. Just when the Indians had developed some consistency, they lost it. Just when they climb out of the basement, they dive right back in.

For those of you who still have faith, wherever you may be, there is still hope for the short-term future. The Indians are still just seven games out of first (Thanks Detroit!), and dare I say…playing some weaker, inconsistent teams. Chicago and Pittsburgh will each be three game road sets, and then the Tribe rounds out the NL Central competition with the Battle of Ohio, at home.

Also, feel free to go work out for the scouts in Cleveland if you are left-handed and can toss a baseball over the plate. The Indians could use you in the bullpen.